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Our General Public Transportation Services are available to everyone. These services are offered in Crawford and Neosho counties in Southeast Kansas. 

We offer several demand responsive services in those areas which require a scheduled appointment. To schedule a ride with one of those services call 620-724-6350.

The suggested donation is $1.00 for each trip; however, no one is refused service because they are unable to donate. 

Within the City of Pittsburg, we offer a deviated fixed route service, Pittsburg Area Community Transit, or P.A.C.T. This route stops at popular retail, educational, and service locations throughout the town. To access a list of locations with departure times, select the P.A.C.T schedule on the right side of this page. 

In addition, Pittsburg State University students U the general public have access to the Gus Buses that can get them from the east side of campus to the heart of the campus. Also available is the Block 22 bus which connects people to the west side of the campus to the downtown area of Pittsburg Last but certainly not least are Safe Ride and Safe Ride "The Loop," designed to transport students & the general public safely as an alternative late-night option. 

Please use the menu on the right side of this page to access more detailed information about these services and to inquire about TTY services. 

If you need additional information about our services call 620-724-8204 extension 1024.

"This project is funded in part by the Kansas Department of Transportation & the Federal Transit Administration."



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