Across the nation and world today people continue to adjust their lives to help combat COVID-19. Yesterday Governor Kelly announced that Kansas schools would close their facilities for the remainder of the year, and work on a learning framework to continue educating our children through other ways. We, at SEK-CAP, are performing internal assessment of our Housing, Transportation and Early Childhood Center and Home-Based Services in coordination with state and local agencies, and are continuing to receive guidance from the Office of Head Start, Health and Human Services and the Office of Community Services to be able to make decisions about the safe and effective delivery of our services beyond the current two-week impact to some services. We will provide additional information to staff as it becomes available.


The agency is still, and will continue to work as diligently as possible to be, actively engaged in fighting the war on poverty, and ensuring the needs of every Southeast Kansan are met.  We recognize that when disaster strikes, people living in poverty are often impacted disproportionately. COVID-19 is no different.  The current situation is unprecedented and we are remaining flexible to deliver services and create opportunities. We will continue to assess and adjust where necessary to ensure the health and safety of staff, partners, volunteers and participants, as well as effective service delivery.


We are working with, and through, our available contacts to identify any service gaps or needs across our area that have arisen as a result of school/business closures and  in the recent days. We have identified opportunities to serve already today, but please, if you are aware of needs in our communities that are not being addressed, let us know; there may be something that we can do to ease the burden. Likewise, from your personal perspective, if you or your family are in need of assistance during this turbulent time, please let your supervisor, director or me know so we can find a way to help.  Together, we can continue to find hope and promise, regardless of the situation. We remain dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.


Yours in Community Action,


Jess Ervin
Chief Executive Officer