Hear ye, hear ye! This is the moment we have all (or at least some of us) been waiting for! SEK-CAP Housing Department is preparing to enter into the year 2020 (whoa… this year flew by!) with (drumroll, please)



Landlords have been asking for it and we’ve been listening. I couldn’t be more excited. This will save our landlords and tenants from the hassle of waiting for a paper check in the mail each month or worrying that it will be late or lost in the mail. That’s not fun for anyone. No more trips to the bank to deposit those checks! We will also have the option to email check stubs, which eliminates the need to mail anything at all! We are getting with the times, saving money, and saving trees.


Direct Deposit, in addition to emailing check stubs each month, will save us around $1,800 per year in postage, envelopes, checks, and bank fees. That’s $1,800 that can be used to improve our programs in some way! Oh, the possibilities…

It will take a little time to collect all the necessary information and set up the infrastructure necessary to make the change, so we’ll continue to send monthly paper checks until early 2020.

Keep an eye out for more fabulous news and information from the SEK-CAP Housing Department.


With Hope,


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