Local Conversations Impacting Southeast Kansas

Hello and welcome to the new and first ever Community Engagement Blog. I will use this blog once each month to clarify what a community engagement director does on a daily basis to search for opportunities to help those need. If you choose to follow my blog, I will talk about the communities where I am working, the partners with whom I am involved, and the actions we are taking. I am hopeful that you will enjoy learning more about our SEK-CAP engagement efforts and more about all the partners that we work with to leverage one another’s resources for the purpose of helping more people. I am excited about this opportunity and encourage you to follow me and to comment as you so desire.

As a community engagement person, my search for an opportunity to make a difference led me to Yates Center located in Woodson County in the spring of 2018. I learned of a small group of citizens who shared a common interest of revitalizing the community to promote growth while still maintaining the distinctive small-town character. For any community, this type of ambition is overwhelming, especially without the resources of staff, budget and other elements of a prosperous community such as population growth, thriving economy, and community amenities that are important for people as they choose the location where they want to live, work and play.

In a short span of eighteen months, this remarkable group has organized itself to support destination events and to encourage community volunteers in a variety of functions.


Regarding destination events, four are on the schedule:

  • Historic Town Square Clean Up Day
  • Fall Festival Chili and Soup Feed
  • 40th Annual Yates Center Days
  • Toronto Days


Regarding the encouragement of community volunteers, a number of functions are available: 

  • Community Projects
  • Administrative
  • Communications
  • Fundraising and events
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Technology


SEK-CAP is delighted to be involved as a member of the Board of Directors for RevitalizeYC. The progress made and the excitement of interacting with a dedicated group of volunteers who are united to improve their community is priceless.


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