Board of Directors

Southeast Kansas Community Action Program, Inc.
SEK-CAP Housing, Inc.
Governing Board of Directors
Members and Terms of Office
UPDATED - 06/13/2018
Name Sector First Term New Term Term Ends
Autumn Adair Low-Income 09/11/08 09/15/17 09/14/20
Chris Miller Low-Income 07/05/14 07/05/17 07/05/20
(Early Childhood Professional)   
Pam Smith Low-Income 04/17/18   12/01/18
(Permanent Seat for Current Policy Council Chairperson)   
C.W. Betz Public 05/17/15 05/17/18 09/20/21
(Represents City of Pittsburg Commissioner Chuck Munsell)   
Joe Grisolano Public 09/21/06 09/20/18 09/20/21
(County Treasurer and Financial Professional)   
Boyd G. Koehn Public 03/15/01 09/20/18 09/20/21
(Elk Falls City Council Member)   
Steve Fincher Private 09/20/12 09/20/18 09/20/21
Christina Vulgamore Private 05/25/16   05/26/19
Aaron Heckman Private 05/16/17   05/17/20
Steve Lohr CEO - Member without vote   
Term of Directors
The term of office for a member shall be three (3) years and begins on the date of the official seating on the Board of Directors. Directors may, upon nomination and election, serve additional three (3) year terms without limit. The Policy Council Chairperson is elected by the body annually and may serve a maximum of five years. 


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